Pampered Pooch offer best grooming service for your Dog.

Whatever cut or style you have in mind for pooch, we are here to help and advise. If you are still a bit unsure about a particular groom for your Dog please do not be afraid to ask as we undertake to give your Dog exactly what you want. We list our main services here and a price guide for popular breeds. We welcome all breeds of Dog. Our clients come back to us time and time again, happy in the knowledge that their Dog is looked after and groomed to a high standard.

Dog grooming services with price guide

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We also provide these additional services which prove invaluable in keeping your dog in tip top condition.

Please do not hesitate to ask about any of our services or about the products that we use

An A-Z list of the products we use and also available to buy

Baby fresh fragrance spray
Formulated to deodorise and freshen the coat. Once applied, this scent can remain on the coat for up to three days.

Blue pearl shampoo
This shampoo perfect for brightening white coats.

Copper coat enhancing shampoo
Copper Coat Enhancer shampoo is an effective coat enhancer which helps boost the colour of red and copper coated breeds.

Detangle shampoo
Gentle cleansing for long coated and non-shedding dog breeds prone to knots and matting. Suitable for frequent use on all skin types, this shampoo is formulated with a water soluble slip agent to ease out knots when bathing, and leaves behind a trace of product after rinsing to help deter future knotting.

Ebony Coat enhancing shampoo
Excellent shampoo for enhancing an even coat colour where condition has been lost.

Evening primrose shampoo
An effective frequent use shampoo suitable for all breeds. The conditioning formula helps to improve coat condition, whilst the 1% pure, cold-pressed evening primrose oil soothes dry, flaky, sensitive skins.

Evening primrose coat conditioning spray
Coat Conditioning Spray with Evening Primrose Oil lifts and controls pet odours, and soothes irritable skin. With the soft fragrance of evening primrose oil, this product is suitable for use on sensitive skin and is gentle enough to be used daily.

Evening primrose silk conditioner
This is a very gentle conditioner, and is excellent for dogs with sensitive, dry or flaky skin.

Herbal pH balance shampoo
Fresh, green herbal fragrance has a versatile unisex scent ideal for all dogs.

Puppy shampoo
Gentle cleansing shampoo which has been formulated specifically for use on puppies. Suitable for any breed or coat texture from six weeks onward, this shampoo can be used as frequently as required, and will encourage a healthy coat in the early stages of life.

Ridasect shampoo
A powerful insect repellent, this shampoo contains no harsh chemicals, and is gentle enough to use on puppies over 12 weeks, and bitches in whelp. This product can be used in conjunction with Frontline products.

Tangerine and grapefruit shampoo
Specially formulated to combat greasy coats with a deep cleaning action, leaving the dog clean and fresh.

Tropical cream conditioner
Tropical Cream Conditioner has been formulated to deeply moisturise dry and damaged coats. Includes extracts of watermelon, vanilla, and coconut oil to create an intensely nourishing product with a subtly sweet fragrance.

Kind words from our clients

Jane is brilliant, from the moment we went to the salon, we knew Benji would enjoy a grooming. He looks fab.

Benji - Westie Mrs. Hilary Wilson

I would not take our pooch to any other Grooming Parlour. The staff are the best !

Tex - Great Dane Mr. B Bradshaw

our team

Owner and Groomer

Jane is an excellent Dog groomer with over thirty years experience, offering all Dog grooming services and with all types of Dog. Jane, an animal lover, owns Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Owners always seem delighted with the appearance of their Dogs after Jane has groomed them (and the dogs seem pretty happy too).


Sharna is currently on an apprenticeship scheme with us to gain her level 2 in Animal Husbandry. A determined and valuable member of our team.


Bio to follow